Divest Carleton alumni statement on divestment

The Alumni of Divest Carleton are enormously pleased that Carleton College has joined many of its peer institutions in committing to reducing the Carleton endowment’s exposure to fossil fuels. Since 2013, students and alumni have pressed tirelessly to align the school’s financial decisions with its environmental and social values. It has become increasingly clear that we do not have time to spare when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and the rest of the natural world from the accelerating dangers of climate change. Carleton has made great strides in recent years in its on-campus sustainability, including the long-term efforts of its staff to install the new geothermal energy system. We are thrilled that Carleton is taking this step toward directing its financial resources into a sustainable future.


Carleton Board to VOTE on divestment. Let them know your opinion!

The moment is nigh! The Carleton Board of Trustees has agreed to vote on fossil fuel divestment (as they define it) in February.  Now is the time to weigh in. Your words, images, pictures of grandchildren, and prayers for our earth WILL make a difference. This is not a copy & paste request.  Please take a moment to express, in your own way, why Carleton’s divestment from the fossil fuel economy is important to you – as an alum, a community member, a donor, and a denizen of Earth.

Send your contribution to Carleton’s Liaison to the Board of Trustees, Kristin Lucas, at klucas@carleton.edu.  She compiles materials for the Board, and will ensure they see our missives prior to the meeting. Cc divestcarleton@gmail.com so we know you wrote!

Carls are wonderfully expressive – your voices will make a difference. Please write today!

Reunion 2022!

Divest Carleton was well represented at this year’s June and August reunions. We gathered hundreds of new signatures, spread awareness of our campaign, and proudly waved our flags at the Parade of Classes! THANK YOU to everyone who tabled, created swag, organized, raised funds, signed, or brought by friends to sign. It’s great to see such enthusiasm as we build momentum toward a divestment decision.

Divest Carleton alumni letter to President Byerly and Carleton Trustees

April 27, 2022 

Dear President Byerly and Carleton Trustees: 

As the alumni of Divest Carleton, we echo the support for an official Carleton plan for fossil fuel divestment expressed by Divest Carleton students and the Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC). Below are our additional thoughts on how the College might implement such a plan and why we believe fossil fuel divestment is in Carleton’s best interest and aligns with its values. 

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BIG NEWS! Carleton Board to consider divestment this May. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

Carleton’s Board of Trustees meets May 12-14, and for the first time in many years, divesting Carleton’s endowment from fossil fuels is on the agenda. Divest Carleton needs your help to demonstrate the broad support this issue has from alumni and students.

We’re asking divestment supporters to send an email (or letter, if you can) to key decision makers in advance of the meeting. Your personal, heartfelt message is the most effective way to show the Board that Carleton has prepared us to “lead lives of learning” and “to be of service to humanity.” And in service to humanity, we urge the Board to ensure that Carleton’s $1.1 billion endowment is secured in investments that are aligned with the values Carleton instills in its students.

Send your messages to:

Sample message:

My name is _____, and I am (an alum / a student) of the class of ___. I am writing to request that you support divesting Carleton’s endowment from fossil fuel companies.

I feel strongly that it’s time for Carleton to follow many of its peer institutions and publicly commit to divesting from companies that extract and exploit fossil fuels. 

The burden of climate change falls hardest on citizens of the developing world and the young. In other words, on those who have done the least damage. This makes climate change a human rights issue on an almost unimaginable scale, and it demands immediate and forceful action.

>>This is a great spot to insert a message on your personal experiences with climate change. Among our students and alumni, we have people whose lives have been touched by hurricanes, wildfires, floods and drought, events that have been exacerbated by climate change. Let the Board know that this is not abstract for you.

Thank you very much for considering this issue. Carleton needs to bring its investment policy in line with the values demonstrated by its commitment to a carbon-neutral campus. I believe that divestment from fossil fuels is the right choice for the future of Carleton’s endowment and will help ensure a better planet for current and future graduating classes.


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