Carleton Board to VOTE on divestment. Let them know your opinion!

The moment is nigh! The Carleton Board of Trustees has agreed to vote on fossil fuel divestment (as they define it) in February.  Now is the time to weigh in. Your words, images, pictures of grandchildren, and prayers for our earth WILL make a difference. This is not a copy & paste request.  Please take a moment to express, in your own way, why Carleton’s divestment from the fossil fuel economy is important to you – as an alum, a community member, a donor, and a denizen of Earth.

Send your contribution to Carleton’s Liaison to the Board of Trustees, Kristin Lucas, at  She compiles materials for the Board, and will ensure they see our missives prior to the meeting. Cc so we know you wrote!

Carls are wonderfully expressive – your voices will make a difference. Please write today!