Majority of Carleton students support divestment

Professor St Clair’s Statistics class at Carleton recently concluded a survey of interest in divestment among Carls, current and alums, as well as staff and faculty.  The results can be found at, but the take-away here is that 54% of current students support divestment.  And, while fewer alumni (32%) are shown to support divestment, two things need to be taken into account: no polling was done among alumni who graduated in 2010 or after (and more younger alumni seem to support divestment than do older alums); and the raw number of alumni surveyed was larger than the raw number of students.  Overall, we consider this survey — which was done before any major divestment campaign on campus — to be a positive reflection of the interest in seeing Carleton divest from fossil fuels.  As we work on the divestment campaign, we hope to see these numbers swell.

See the full survey report here: